Cleaning & Maintenance

Daily cleaning of your brew heads is strongly recommended to maintain flavor profiles, consistency and extraction. Follow our easy step by step instructions on daily cleaning of you commercial espresso machine. Don’t let your premium coffee extract through dirty showers such as this image! A quality product such as Cafetto Espresso Clean will provide a safe clean and will not taint the espresso or leave any residue. Please contact us for all of your cleaning products.

How to backwash your machine

  1. Remove Filter from Group Handle and insert Blind Filter ( Filter with no holes)
  1. Add 1 (one) teaspoon of Cleaning Chemical to blind filter
  1. Add small amount of water to Blind Filter and Chemical
  1. Install Group Handle in Group Head of Machine as you would to make coffee
  1. Press the manual water flow button for 10 (ten) seconds and then turn off
  1. This procedure (step # 5) is to be done 6 (six) times
  1. With the remaining Chemical in the Group Handle you must turn the manual water flow button on and jiggle the Group Handle backwards and forwards. This washes the bottom of the Group Head
  1. Rinse Group Handle and Blind Filter with clean water
  1. Insert Group Handle onto Group Head as you would to make coffee, this time with no Chemical.
  1. Press the manual water flow button for 10 (ten) seconds then turn off. This procedure is to be repeated 6 (six) times.
  1. Repeat the above 10 (ten) steps for each group of the machine