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    Verona Classic

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    The taste of the past and the know-how of today:
    Verona combines vintage lines and avant garde technology.
    High performing and modern, Verona is a perfect union between
    beauty and efficiency.


    The Verona model brings back the soft, decorative lines of the classic machines and reinterprets them in a modern, tasteful way, creating a coffee machine that goes well with any decorating style. It is equipped with a sophisticated electronic board that allows all the functions to be easily monitored, widening the dispensing possibilities with the utmost quality. The boiler electronic control offers thermal constancy and dispensing uniformity; the electronic counter counts the number of beverages dispensed, thus allowing you to keep track of consumption and work flows. Specific sensors activate a maintenance warning, optimising service time and averting every possible inconvenience. The Verona model is also available in the “tall” version: the refined, modern lines that distinguish Verona are revisited in height and reharmonised. The larger, perfectly organised work spaces and the 14cm between the drip tray and the dispensing spout make it easy to use mugs for American style coffee and provide an excellent response to international market requests. The VERONA TALL machine is intended for professional operators and boasts all the same equipment as the original model: the options to customise the coffee dispensing temperature, constantly available steam thanks to the specific boiler, excellent quality water supplied for teas and infusions, constant thermal performance in the dispensing units even with a busy work regime.



    The advanced TCS (Temperature Control System) technology consists in having a boiler dedicated to each coffee dispensing unit in addition to a conventional boiler to produce steam and water for hot beverages. A high-tech electronic control (approx. +/- 0.5 °C sensitivity) guarantees every unit much higher temperature stability and precision compared to conventional standards. In addition, thermal constancy of the water coming out of the units under any work conditions (very intense mixed use such as continuous, simultaneous coffee, steam and hot water dispensing for prolonged stretches of time). You can set the water temperature of every single unit, adapting it to the features of the coffee you wish to use. An additional advantage is reduced limescale formation paired with extremely easy maintenance, as you can replace the specific boilers when necessary..

    The refined electronics also allow for a significant reduction in energy consumption (approx. 30%) both putting the machine in stand-by (i.e. at night) with programmable automatic switch on and deactivating each temporarily unused unit, with obvious savings for the user. Finally, the particular hydraulic circuit always provides crystal clear, clean water to prepare hot beverages (tea, herbal infusions, etc.).


    Technical Specifications


     Specifications TCS 2 Groups 3 groups SED-SAP 2 groups 3 groups
    width mm 820 1050 mm 820 1050
    depth mm 610 610 mm 610 610
    height mm 650 650 mm 650 650
    voltage V 120 / 220-240 220-240 / 380-415 V 120 / 220-240 220-240 / 380-415
    boiler capacity lt 8,6 14 lt 12 19
    exchanger capacity lt 0,6 0,9 lt
    TCS boiler capacity lt 0,56 0,84 lt
    absorbed power at 230V kW 5,15-7,1 6,15 kW 3,15-5,1 5,8
    steam boiler element power at 230V kW 2,95-4,9 2,95 kW 2,95-4,9 5,6
    TCS boiler element power at 230V kW 2 3 kW
    pump power at 230V kW 0,2 0,2 kW 0,2 0,2
    net weight kg 75 95 kg 75 95
    gross weight kg 82 101 kg 82 101