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    Mignon is equipped by a motor of 260 watts that moves burrs of 50 mm diameter. It can be used in a family where they wish to preserve the aroma of coffee and get the same quality as an espresso made in a bar. The deposit of ground coffee can be used by professional baristas or bar operators for decaffeinated coffee, gourmet or those who wish to offer customers other alternative coffee blends.


    Specification Units
    Type Flat
    Diameter (mm) 50
    Material Hardened Steel
    Dose Regulation Manual (with knob)
    Traction Direct
    Available Version Manual
    Bean Storage Capacity (gr) 250-500
    Power (watt) 260
    Height (mm) 324-405
    Width (mm) 130
    Depth (mm) 200
    Weight (kg) 4,5