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    Pratic Avant

    PRATIC, a machine with a nature suitable to adapt itself to all situations. Initially designed with a simple and linear style, it has aesthetically evolved with slim and modern lines for a timeless feeling. An elegant design, embellished by chromed details which complete the character of the extremely sophisticated aspect. It contains all the experience and the technology Astoria has to offer, guaranteeing professional performances and reliability excellent quality of the beverages dispensed.

    Also available with the option of raised groups and new cup-stands, easily detachable, in addition to the lighting of the large working space.


    Electronic version with volumetric dosing of the coffee doses, directly programmable from the keyboard. Manual switch for semi-automatic dispensing. Available in versions from 1 to 3 groups.

    Technical characteristics

    • Body with panels in stainless steel and in painted steel
    • Boiler water level light indicator
    • Double scale manometre for displaying the boiler and pump pressure

    Standard features

    • Automatic water refill (A.W.R.)
    • 4 dose coffee keyboard (SAE version)
    • A hot water dispenser
    • Two steam wands (2-3 Gr.)
    • Built-in motor pump


    • Milk frothing wand
    • Cappuccino maker
    • Electric cup warmer (2-3 Gr.)
    • Led lighting of the working surface
    • Raised groups


    Model 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group
    Height (mm) 540 540 540
    Width (mm) 560 770 1010
    Depth (mm) 560 560 560
    Weight (kg) 64 79 98
    Voltage (vac) 230 230-400 400
    Rated Power (w) 2.900 3.600 5.300
    Boiler Capacity (lt) 6 10.5 17


    General conditions

    The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the appliances presented in this publication without notice. The weights, measurements etc. are merely indicative and not binding.