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    Squared, rigorous lines that contain the best Sanremo technology: Roma is pure design servicing functionality to guarantee top of the line performance.

    The advanced TCS (Temperature Control System) technology consists in having a boiler dedicated to each coffee dispensing unit in addition to a conventional boiler to produce steam and water for hot beverages. A high-tech electronic control (approx. +/- 0.5 °C sensitivity) guarantees every unit much higher temperature stability and precision compared to conventional standards. In addition, thermal constancy of the water coming out of the units under any work conditions (very intense mixed use such as continuous, simultaneous coffee, steam and hot water dispensing for prolonged stretches of time). You can set the water temperature of every single unit, adapting it to the features of the coffee you wish to use. An additional advantage is reduced limescale formation paired with extremely easy maintenance, as you can replace the specific boilers when necessary.

    The refined electronics also allow for a significant reduction in energy consumption (approx. 30%) both putting the machine in stand-by (i.e. at night) with programmable automatic switch on and deactivating each temporarily unused unit, with obvious savings for the user. Finally, the particular hydraulic circuit always provides crystal clear, clean water to prepare hot beverages (tea, herbal infusions, etc.).


    Technical Specifications

     Specifications TCS 2 groups 3 groups
    width mm 850 1080
    depth mm 560 560
    height mm 555 555
    voltage V 120 / 220-240 220-240 / 380-415
    boiler capacity lt 8,6 14
    exchanger capacity lt 0,6 0,9
    TCS boiler capacity lt 0,56 0,84
    absorbed power at 230V kW 5,35-7,3 6,4
    steam boiler element power at 230V kW 2,95-4,9 2,95
    TCS boiler element power at 230V kW 2 3
    pump power at 230V kW 0,2 0,2
    net weight kg 88 112
    gross weight kg 94 115