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    Strada EP

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    Strada ep – designed for and by baristas

    La marzocco set out to design the strada ep (electronic paddle) due to a shift in the market. This design gave total control the barista over the brewing process as never before. When more and more coffee roasters began moving toward direct trade and relationship coffees, it made us realise the necessity for a stable, reliable and versatile machine that enables them to showcase their finest coffees.

    Pressure profiling was the concept used to bring out the various flavour components that affect the body and balance of the shot to produce a rounder, softer espresso that highlights its fineness and sweetness. The strada ep enables the barista to create that impeccable single origin coffee as an espresso by replicating the flavour profile that may be difficult to attain at a constant 9 bars of pressure.

    The strada ep redefines the reliability, durability and control of the espresso machine. Strada ep has the ability to automatically repeat pressure curves. Once the barista has recorded a tailored pressure curve pertaining to a coffee, a simple movement of the paddle will echo the programmed curve. During the process of brew, a feedback loop constantly monitors the pressure and alters the motor speed to make sure that the pressure delivered to the coffee is same as the intended pressure defined by the pressure curve. This ensures precision. The barista can also interact with the customer without having to manually manipulate the pressure during the process of brew.


    strade ep paddle


    Electronically controlled gear pumps provide precise, direct pressure control. Speed of the motor is controlled with la marzocco’s classic paddle interface. The electronic paddle which is manually controlled by the Barista, ensures absolute and direct control of pressure at any point during the extraction. Thanks to the strada ep technology as it is now possible to program and reproduce pressure profiles.


    • Repeatable pressure profiling: absolute and direct control of pressure at any point during extraction – with 4 programmable pressure profiles and one fly by wire mode per group.
    • Individual internal gear pumps: one gear pump per group delivers stable, dependable pressure control, while reducing the need for regular steam valve maintenance.
    • Individual displays: with real time pressure and shot timers.
    • Proportional valve technology: variable solenoid valve control of the steam wand.
    • Transferable pressure profiles: record and replay pressure curves.


    • Exposed saturated groups: increased temperature stability, ergonomics and workspace visibility.
    • Independent coffee boilers: separate boilers for each group head allow baristas to optimize temperature for multiple coffees.
    • Multiple pid (coffee and steam): allows you to electronically control coffee and steam boiler temperature.
    • Insulated boilers: reduce energy consumption while contributing to temperature stability.
    • Pre-heating system: prior to entering into the coffee boiler, water is pre-heated – thus increasing productivity.


    • Paddle interface: la marzocco’s iconic paddle to activate coffee brewing.
    • Stainless steel portafilters & precision baskets: for improved cup quality and consistency.
    • Digital display & jog wheel interface: temperature display, shot timers and intuitive programming simplifies the adjustment of machine parameters.
    • Solenoid steam lever actuation: a user-friendly lever controls steam.
    • Hot water economizer: fine-tune the temperature of the hot water spout.
    • Adjustable deep drain tray: accommodates a variety of cup sizes.
    • Auto back-flush program: automatic cleaning program.
    • Usb update: usb makes it possible to update profiles.


    • Available models: 2 or 3 groups.
    • cup warmer: maintain espresso and cappuccino cups heated at a proper temperature.
    • Personalized colors: customizable colors based on the ral color system, on request.


    model 2 groups 3 groups
    height (mm) 475 475 
    width (mm) 800 1000
    depth (mm) 675 675 
    weight (kg) 70 91
    voltage (vac) 200 single phase. * 200 single phase. *
    amps 24 32
    coffee boiler (l) 1,3 x 2 1,3 x 3
    steam boiler (l) 8,2 11,8
    * 3 phase power is available by request and will be built to order